Team Member Spotlight: Nicole Kosloski

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Nicole Kosloski, our office manager, was born in Syracuse, New York, but shortly after birth moved to Virginia Beach where she was raised along with the rest of her family. She is the oldest of four siblings, although she is at least 18 years older than each of them. Her youngest brother, Dalton, is 17, and is still considered the … Read More

Ways To Conserve Water

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ways to save water

If you’re looking for ways to conserve water in your home, then it might be even easier than you thought! In today’s blog post, we’d like to share with you some ways that you can conserve water in your home. Whether you want to save water for the planet, or you want to save money on your energy bill, these tips will … Read More

Maintenance Tips for Outdoor Showers

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maintenance tips for outdoor showers

To finish up our series on outdoor showers, we thought we’d include a blog post on maintenance tips for outdoor showers! If you’ve made the investment to get an outdoor shower, then you want to make sure you are taking care of it properly! In today’s post we want to show you how to maintain an outdoor shower to keep … Read More

Cool Designs for Outdoor Showers

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Did you get a chance to read our blog post about 7 Reasons to Get an Outdoor Shower? If not, then click here to check it out! If you’re thinking about getting an outdoor shower, that post might help confirm your decision. If you’re not too sure about getting an outdoor shower, then our post just might give you a … Read More

7 Reasons To Get An Outdoor Shower

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You might have never thought of getting an outdoor shower. But on a hot day like today, that doesn’t really sound too bad, does it? Outdoor showers can be a great addition to your home. You might think that an outdoor shower would be a difficult project and cost a great deal of money. However, you might be surprised to … Read More

Best Of Contest Winners

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We are proud to announce the winners for voting in the Virginia Pilot Best Of Contest. We appreciate all the support and votes we received. The winners were selected randomly from all participants who gave us their information after voting. One prize is a $50 Target gift card and the other is a $50 Smartmouth Brewery gift card. The winners … Read More

Water Crisis – Stats and Tips

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ways to conserve water

In this article, we discuss the issue of water scarcity around the world and how to conserve water. You may not be aware, but water is not abundant everywhere on earth. Understanding this problem can help you make better decisions about conserving water. Keep reading to find some facts about water, as well as tips for how to conserve water. … Read More

Making the Switch from Propane to Natural Gas for Your Grill

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Plumbers and Gas Contractors in Norfolk VA

You’re only hurting yourself if you are using propane tanks for your barbecues. There are a number of reasons why you should give up the propane and install a gas line to your grill. 1) Natural gas is cheaper:  Although natural gas is less potent (it’s half as powerful as propane) natural gas is 1/6 the cost of propane per … Read More

Team Member Spotlight: Bill Corbus!

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bill corbus norfolk plumbing inc

Meet Bill Corbus, our Warehouse and Safety Manager! Bill has been at Norfolk Plumbing for a year and half. He has brought a great deal of experience and an incredible skill set. He is a Master Licensed Plumber, HVAC Technician, Gas Fitting Licensed, and Certified Backflow Tester. Bill is a Norfolk native, as he was born into a navy family … Read More

There’s An App for That!

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Ever feel like this technology stuff is moving kind of fast? We’re used to working in the analog world of plumbing, but even though, we’re using technology in a lot of different ways. Now, you can download the Norfolk Plumbing app for Apple and Android devices so you have us in your pocket for that moment that you just weren’t … Read More