The Difference Between a Boiler and a Water Heater

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For some, a boiler and a water heater may seem to have the same functionality, they both heat water throughout the home. While this may be true of how they function, the two systems have very different purposes for heating water. It’s important to know the difference between the two so you know how to properly handle each. What is … Read More

Now Is the Time to Replace Your Boiler!

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Just by the title, you’re probably thinking “why should I even be concerned about my boiler during the summer?” Well, you could be missing out on an opportunity to save time and money. While it may be more relaxing to bask in your blowing air conditioning and push thoughts of winter out of your head, you could get stuck with … Read More

Gas Appliances Make a Comeback!

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Before the development of electric, gas appliances were the norm. Now that the craze of electric appliances is dying down and we shift our preferences to eco-friendly options, many people are reverting back to gas when purchasing new appliances. If you’re wondering whether or not the type really makes a difference, we have the answer. Here is our rundown on … Read More

Bath Vs. Shower – Is One Better Than The Other?

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There are two different types of people in the world, those who prefer baths and those who prefer showers. To some, nothing is better than being submerged in hot water, with your feet up, surrounded by candles, but to others there is nothing like standing in the shower, with your eyes closed, under the stream of hot water. Truly there … Read More

Are Your Hose Bibs Ready For Spring?

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A hose bib, also known as your exterior spigots, happen to be one of the most convenient tools that your home provides by leading water anywhere you need it whether it is for washing your car, watering your flowers, or filling the little pool and running the sprinkler for your children. But, did you know that this extremely useful summer … Read More

What Is That Noise?

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We are all used to those funny random noises around our homes, the hum here, the knocking there and typically most of these sounds are completely normal and leave you with nothing to worry about but that is not always the case. Banging water pipes are not a sound we should be accustomed to hearing and if we do there … Read More

Turn Up The Heat!

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Are you getting less hot water then usual? Is your water not staying as hot as you would like it to? Well, it is very common to notice these changes during the winter. There is a simple solution, turn up the heat! During the winter the ground temperature changes and gets a lot colder causing the incoming water temperature to be colder … Read More

Tank To Tankless Water Heaters? We Say YES!

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Tankless water heaters are quickly becoming the “in” thing, and with good reason. Obvious reason number 1, there is no tank but, greater for reason number 2. Water heaters with tanks slowly heat the water and keep it hot for long periods of time unlike the tankless water heater which quickly heats the water as it’s needed. Although there are … Read More

When To Call Your Plumber…Immediately

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Winter is not quite upon us yet, but it is getting very close and this is the time of year where you will tend to notice most of your plumbing problems. What not to do…. ignore them. The longer you decide to wait it out and put them off the higher your repair bill could be. If you notice these … Read More

Some Like It Hot

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Only some like it hot? Let’s be honest with ourselves, we ALL rely on hot water.   Our water heaters get us through every shower and dishwasher run. But even though our plumbing technology has improved 10-fold in the past 100 years, even the best units aren’t made to last forever. We must all prepare for water heater failure, or prepare to … Read More