When To Call Your Plumber…Immediately

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Winter is not quite upon us yet, but it is getting very close and this is the time of year where you will tend to notice most of your plumbing problems. What not to do…. ignore them. The longer you decide to wait it out and put them off the higher your repair bill could be. If you notice these … Read More

Some Like It Hot

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Only some like it hot? Let’s be honest with ourselves, we ALL rely on hot water.   Our water heaters get us through every shower and dishwasher run. But even though our plumbing technology has improved 10-fold in the past 100 years, even the best units aren’t made to last forever. We must all prepare for water heater failure, or prepare to … Read More

A Plumber’s Dictionary

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We get a lot of interesting looks when we use some of our “official language” on the job. Plumbing vocabulary is its own strange, but helpful dictionary. So we’ve picked some of our favorite odd and funny terms and defined them to help clear the air (and the drain) a bit. Backflow: A backflow device is used to protect Water Supplies … Read More

Things You Should Not Flush

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We get it, sometimes the toilet is an easy place for disposal. Just drop it in and say goodbye! However, a lot of people do not realize how damaging flushing certain things can be to their plumbing or septic systems and to the environment. If you’re not sure what kinds of things we are talking about, check out this list … Read More

A Look in the Toolbox

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Plumbers help fix your waterworks for the long haul, but the equipment they bring to the site can also be a long haul. A plumber’s toolbox is filled with many tools that can help flush out the problems in your system. But seeing the kit unloaded in your home can be overwhelming. Just what exactly is that awkward-looking metal piece? … Read More

Greener Grass on Your Side

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Summer is here!! For many homeowners, that means green grass and blooming flowers. But it could mean the dreaded brown lawn syndrome takes over. Maintaining hydration for your landscape is important through the heat of the summer months. Many people opt for an underground sprinkler system to provide water. However, after a break in use for months at a time, … Read More

Making the Visit count!

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Having the neighborhood plumber stop by for a fixer-upper can be a great time! We are here to help with those stressful times when a small issue (literally) overflows and causes bigger problems. Learning to work with your plumber and prep for the visit can make the visit more productive and solve your problems faster! Do your research: Many servicemen … Read More

Warm Weather Is Upon Us So Here Are Some Summer Tips For You

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Most of us love summer. The warm weather, the outdoor activities, but did you know that with increasing temperatures also comes an increase in water usage inside and outside? It is estimated that in the hottest months of the year, most families water usage can increase about 25-50%!! That is huge! So, follow these 3 tips to give your plumbing a break. If … Read More

How’s Your Water Pressure?

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As Homeowners, We Must Carefully Maintain a fine Balance When it Comes to Water Pressure. We want there to be enough water coming through the pipes at a high enough pressure point to take a relaxing and enjoyable shower, and to fill up our pots when cooking in a reasonable amount of time. However, you don’t want to much pressure … Read More