Backflow Testing


Testing in Norfolk, VA

Every water system uses a set of pipes that bring clean, potable water into your home, and another set of pipes that drains and discharges used and dirty water to your septic system or into the city sewer line. It’s important to ensure the water from those systems does not mingle. That’s where the backflow inspection services of your local plumber at Norfolk Plumbing will have your back.

All residential homes with irrigation, sprinkler systems, boilers, geothermal heating, or medical equipment connected to the city of Norfolk’s water system are required by law to have backflow systems in place. Those systems are also required by law to be tested annually by a certified tester.

The professionals at Norfolk Plumbing are just that—certified and equipped to handle commercial and residential backflow testing in Norfolk, VA, and the surrounding area. Whether it’s new construction or your existing residential or commercial property, our local plumbers in Norfolk can perform the inspection and submit the test report to the proper government agencies. If everything checks out, you’re good for another year. If your backflow assembly fails the test, we can make all necessary repairs to get your system back up to regulatory compliance.


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Radiators, Steam & Hot Water Systems

Like any system, the pipes of your hot water and steam heat plumbing require regular maintenance and attention.

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…because nothing beats the luxury and convenience of getting out of your pool and rinsing off, then sitting down to enjoy a backyard barbecue.

Waterline Replacements

One part of your plumbing brings water in. The other part takes water out. When a line fails, our local plumbers in Norfolk will get you back in the flow.

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