Combi Boiler Conversions


Boiler Conversions

Radiant steam and hot water heating systems have been around since the late 1700s, and that technology is still in use today. Of course, over the past two centuries innovations have been made to improve the overall performance of boiler systems. Depending upon the age of your current boiler, converting your current system to a combi boiler in your Norfolk home could save you a lot of space. A combi boiler integrates your home’s central heating system with your water heating system, forming a single unit that eliminates the need for separate cold and hot water tanks.

After the initial cost of the installation, the conversion will save you money over the long haul because of the improved efficiency of a combi boiler over conventional heat-only systems. The combi boiler does not ring up energy bill dollars by continually heating stored water. By providing on-demand heat and hot water—taking water from the mains to a heat exchanger that heats and distributes the water—the system does less work for the same output, which translates to a lower energy cost.

The licensed professionals at Norfolk Plumbing have been converting conventional systems to combi boilers for more than two decades. We offer premium Weil-McLain, on-demand combi residential and commercial boilers, and Navien high-efficiency residential and commercial combi boilers. Both will provide you with a significant improvement in performance and cost efficiency over your conventional boiler.

Contact us today and we’ll consult with you to determine the best combi boiler for your home or business. We’re in the business of getting things done, and that process begins with listening to you.


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