Natural Gas Line Installation


Gas Line Installation

If you’ve just purchased a new gas range, you want to convert your fireplace to gas, or you want to add a new line for a deluxe outdoor grill, you’re going to need a new natural gas line installed at your Norfolk home. It’s not a good idea to do it yourself unless you’re a trained professional, licensed, and certified. That’s us at Norfolk Plumbing. We are licensed and certified to handle all the phases of a new natural gas line installation in your Norfolk home or business.

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The first order of business when considering a gas pipeline installation in Norfolk is to consult with you about the exact details of your project. We’ll inspect the location of the new appliance to determine if the line can be correctly and safely installed where you want it.

Then, we’ll draw a schematic to ensure we follow the necessary path for the piping and to properly calculate the necessary diameter and length needed to reach the appliance. We secure all required permits, and we check and double-check to make sure all piping is connected securely and sealed correctly.

Before we sign off on your Norfolk project, our natural gas line installation team will pressure-test the entire system to guarantee there are no leaks or potential weak links. Don’t trust just anyone with the installation of something like a new natural gas line. We’ve got decades of experience, and we are strictly committed to your safety.


What We Offer

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