Gas Logs, Piping & Line Installation


Logs, Piping & Line Installation

Imagine inviting all your friends into your backyard on a summer afternoon to enjoy the relaxation and camaraderie of a backyard barbecue, or hosting the annual family reunion and having a grill big enough to cook for the whole clan. Think of the good times and memories you’ll create. You’re going to need a natural gas line, and we’re just the folks you want in Norfolk to install that gas line, and to maintain it, and even repair it if necessary. We can add gas lines for your new gas appliances, and we can convert your fireplace by installing gas logs for more energy and heat efficiency.

Natural gas is a more cost-effective source of energy than electricity. Appliances that run off natural gas also tend to operate with higher performance at a lower cost than standard electric dryers, stoves, refrigerators, etc. Also, gas appliances remain operational when the power goes out.

Because natural gas is highly combustible, line installation and maintenance should be left to the experts. Permits are necessary in the state of Virginia to install, replace, or remove a gas line, and we’ve been around long enough to know how to navigate the permitting process with ease. Maybe you’ve got a new home with all-electric appliances, or you live in a period home that you’re ready to remodel. When you’re ready to fire up the gas, reach out to Norfolk Plumbing, the folks who do things conscientiously and with a commitment to our customers.


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