Sewer Replacements



Sewer lines fail. That’s just something you need to plan for as a homeowner, because nothing lasts forever, especially when it’s used as much as your plumbing system. It’s also buried in the ground, where the effects of water and organic matter take their toll over time. But it’s not just normal wear and tear—sewer lines can be clogged by other things, too, like excessive grease buildup, sanitary items that should never be sent down the toilet, other foreign objects that block the line, and extreme temperature changes that involve freezing and thawing.

When something like this happens, you will probably notice right away. Drains and toilets will be slow or completely backed up, and might even start overflowing in a horrific mess. Or, if the clog affects a different part of the system, you may see a lot of standing water in your front yard in the area of the sewer line.

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Sewer Inspection Experts

Before you panic, call us for an inspection. A compromised sewer line does not necessarily mean digging up the yard and replacing the pipe. Sometimes the problem is only a large clog that we can push down the line with drain jetting—forcing water into the line at high pressure.

If your sewer line needs to be replaced, our conscientious team will take all precautions to not disturb any more of your property than is necessary to get the old pipe out of the ground and get the new pipe connected and buried. In most cases, we can swap out the pipes in 1 or 2 days.


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