Waterline Replacements



It’s late at night, and it’s been a long day. You are looking forward to taking a shower and hitting the sheets—but the water only dribbles from the shower head, leaving you shivering and shaking your head, possibly using some choice words. Now what?

Call the experts at Norfolk Plumbing, because you could have a problem with your waterline. And with our 24-hour emergency service, you won’t have to wait.


Waterline Experts

The waterline is the main pipe that brings clean water into your house. The pipe, if old enough, can fail from rust and corrosion, crack from extreme freeze-thaw cycles, or will break at the joints from being shifted by expansive soil. When that pipe goes, you don’t have a way for water to come into the house.

Because the waterline is the intake from the city water supply, there’s not a real easy chance the pipe is just clogged. But we’ll inspect your pipe to be certain, and to determine the exact cause of its failure. If the damage can be repaired, we’ll dig into the proper location to get the job done. If the repair requires complete replacement, we’ll make every effort to avoid digging up your yard and landscaping any more than is necessary to get the old pipe out of the ground and to get the new one connected.

Get hold of us when your water pressure seems to have drizzled out. Residential or commercial, we’ll check your lines and restore your water supply in no time.


Services We Offer

Plumbing Services & Repairs

We do residential and commercial installations, repair, and regular maintenance. If water runs through it, we’ll get it done.

Jetting/Drain Cleaning

When you’ve got a big clog way down a big sewer pipe, we can inject a high-pressure stream of water to send the clog out.

Backflow Testing

We perform backflow testing to ensure dirty water does not back up and mix with your incoming clean water supply.

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