Greener Grass on Your Side

Summer is here!! For many homeowners, that means green grass and blooming flowers. But it could mean the dreaded brown lawn syndrome takes over. Maintaining hydration for your landscape is important through the heat of the summer months. Many people opt for an underground sprinkler system to provide water. However, after a break in use for months at a time, these systems can develop problems. Always check your systems manufacturer’s advice on proper maintenance, and follow our guide of #QuickTips!

1. Run your entire sprinkler system one zone at a time. This will allow you to look for problems in each area, and do a complete overall maintenance. If your sprinkler heads are not working: Clean and reset your heads. Dirt can build up in the heads and create clogs that will prevent the heads from spraying. Replace or repair heads if you notice leakage, cracks, broken plastic casings, loose screws, or heads have broken off from lawn mowers or vehicles.

2. Reset your spray patterns after adjusting heads to prevent the system from creating dry spots on your lawn or spraying areas like sidewalks and driveways.

3. Check the valves on the backflow device if you have low water pressure: the horizontal and vertical valves should be completely open. Check for leaks in the water line and repair any crushed pipes.

4. Know your plants and how much water they need, this will save on water bills.

5. Install a rain sensor. It will shut off sprinkler systems when rainfall reaches a certain amount and re-enable the system when the water subsides. Rain sensors will help to prevent overwatering and minimize damage to your system.
With continuous maintenance, your sprinkler system will keep your flowers blooming and your grass greener than the neighbor’s – after all, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. If you have any questions regarding your water line, Norfolk Plumbing is here for you!

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