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Steam & Hot Water Systems

Hot-water heating systems are still common, second only to forced-air systems, even in newer homes. This is because radiant heat is still more efficient at keeping your home warm than electricity or wood. Still, the cost to heat a home is the second-biggest expense for every homeowner, right below the mortgage. Just as a forced-air system needs regular maintenance, your radiators and hot water system also require regular maintenance and repair to remain functional and to avoid problems that might lower the efficiency of your system and increase your energy bill.

When your radiant heat system has an issue of any kind, reach out to Norfolk Plumbing for radiator repair and hot water heating maintenance. We’ll inspect your system to determine whether the problem is, and then we check the pipes to determine if air is trapped inside, preventing the system from circulating hot water properly. We bleed the radiator to correct the problem, then we’ll ensure the boiler has retained enough pressure to keep the system up to maximum efficiency.

In most cases, this will restore your system to peak efficiency. But we won’t be satisfied with just that. Effective maintenance requires thoroughness, so we’ll also check the radiator thermostats to ensure they work properly, and we’ll recheck the pipes to make sure they’re not plugged with sludge or debris. Our steam heating experts make a check throughout the house to ensure there are no leaks. For radiator repair on your Norfolk residential hot water heating system, you want the folks who are committed to your satisfaction. That’s us, the professionals at Norfolk Plumbing.


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