Winter Plumbing Tips

There is never a winter that goes by that a homeowner’s pipes haven’t burst.

While it is still fall, you should take some precautionary steps to prepare for the cold weather.
You should drain your outside hoses, disconnect them, and put them away for the winter. Putting away your hoses will keep any leftover water in the hoses from freezing and expanding within the hose and into your pipes.  You will also want to make sure that your hose bib is frost free.  If it doesn’t have one already, have a plumber come install one.

Turning off the water to the outside hose would be a good idea as well.  You will need to find the valves to do this. A plumber can walk you through the process of turning off the valves if necessary and then in the spring you will be able to turn them back on by yourself. If the valves are not shut off, any left over water in the pipes can also expand and burst.

Your pipes should be inspected every 2 to 3 years.  This will help catch any possible leaks or bad valves that if not inspected and repaired could cause your pipes to freeze up and burst.  Regular maintenance is always good practice. It will save on costly bills in the future.

Wrap your pipes in insulated foam. This will help keep your pipes from freezing and avoid a disastrous and costly situation.  The foam can be bought at your local hardware store.  Cut the foam to the size of the pipe and slit it down the side to wrap around the pipe.

Clean your sump pump and pit.  Freezing weather can cause your pump to stop working.  You do not want the pump to stop working and cause any flooding.

Many homeowners don’t take the time to realize the damage that freezing water in pipes can do until it is too late.  Taking the appropriate precautionary measures will be worth it in the long run.

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