A Look in the Toolbox

Plumbers help fix your waterworks for the long haul, but the equipment they bring to the site can also be a long haul. A plumber’s toolbox is filled with many tools that can help flush out the problems in your system. But seeing the kit unloaded in your home can be overwhelming. Just what exactly is that awkward-looking metal piece? Doesn’t look like a plunger to me…Here’s an inside peek at the tools that help to get the job done.

PEX Crimpers: These are used when you are installing PEX pipe. It is used to create a watertight seal by securing the crimp ring (which connects pipe pieces) into place on your pipe.

PVC Hand Saw: Using a handsaw is the most common way to cut PVC pipes. Hacksaws and backsaws are the most common forms of handsaws. They are often used with a miter box to make even cuts.

Spud Wrench: This is used for tightening bolts on various pieces. The wrench can tighten or loosen to fit various sizes of bolts.

Pipe Tappers: These are used to create new areas in a pipe to continue the flow of water. By creating a new thread in the pipe, an additional pipe or area can be added and sealed tightly.

Turbo Torch: Similar to a handheld lighter used for candles or lighting a grill, the turbo torch is a handheld device that will hold a smaller flame.  Using the controlled heat, plumbers use this for soft soldering or brazing copper, brass, bronze, and aluminum.

Faucet Handle Puller: Corroded and fused handles may need to be removed from the stem for repairs. This screw tool will remove the stuck piece without scratching the finish.

PO Wrench:  A.K.A a “Pop-Out” Wrench, this is used to remove pop-up or pop-out (PO) plugs from the drain opening in the basin.

Drain Gun: This is an automated tool to use in your sink to help clear clogs in the pipe.

Plumber’s Putty: More pliable than silicone, this is used at the base of most faucets and other sink fixtures before setting them on to the sink, or in tub drains near the stopper drain.

Plunger: The favorite of anyone with a toilet! Just a quick de-clog is all you need sometimes!

It’s all inside! Our toolbox is pretty full, but important for making sure we get the job done right! Next time we make a call, you can make sure we are using the right tools!

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