Warm Weather Is Upon Us So Here Are Some Summer Tips For You

Most of us love summer. The warm weather, the outdoor activities, but did you know that with increasing temperatures also comes an increase in water usage inside and outside? It is estimated that in the hottest months of the year, most families water usage can increase about 25-50%!! That is huge! So, follow these 3 tips to give your plumbing a break.

  1. If you are having friends or family over for cookouts, there are certain foods that should not go down the drain.
    For instance, pasta, potatoes, rice, coffee grounds, celery, onion peels, or lettuce are just a few examples of things that should never be dumped into the garbage disposal. Against what we think, these things are very hard for the garbage disposal to grind up therefore causing a back up. If you are able, use your trash can whenever possible.
  2. Doing non stop laundry? Be sure to give your washing machine a break too. 
    You should also take time to visually inspect the hoses and machine ever so often keeping in mind that a rubber washing machine hose generally lasts about 3 years.
  3. When watering your lawn or landscapes there is actually a right and wrong time for doing it. 
    Suggestions say that the best time to water your yard is in the early morning or later in the evening after the sun goes down. If you are watering your lawn in the middle of the day when the sun is at its highest water can actually be lost from evaporation, because of all the heat throughout the day. Also keep in mind if you have tree growth in your yard, the tree roots can make their way into the sewer lines in search of water.

Each season throughout the year will bring different obstacles against your pluming system either with the freezing cold, sweltering heat, or anything in between. Keep in mind if you ever have any plumbing questions or problems Norfolk Plumbing is always here for you!

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