Making the Visit count!

Having the neighborhood plumber stop by for a fixer-upper can be a great time! We are here to help with those stressful times when a small issue (literally) overflows and causes bigger problems. Learning to work with your plumber and prep for the visit can make the visit more productive and solve your problems faster!

Do your research: Many servicemen are coming to a call with only a very basic idea of the problem. They will then need to spend extra time from troubleshooting to “researching” once they arrive to come to a more final, specific conclusion of what the issue is. This can make the trip longer, perhaps beyond that of your expectations. But knowing a general idea of what you need serviced, and the problem that needs solving, can help to make the service call go more smoothly. Our servicemen will arrive with the solution already in mind, and perhaps with tools more specific to your home needs.

It’s about right: Don’t worry! The price estimates your plumber gives you on the initial call are usually right! When comparing prices or service options, trust the numbers given to you.

Let it go: It’s natural to feel stressed when something goes wrong. But make the call, and let it go. We are trained professionals, here to make sure the issue is resolved! So once your serviceman arrives, crack open a cold one and relax. By the time we leave, the problem will be under control, and you can let your worries go!

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