Revisit that Outdoor Shower Idea

If you’ve ever been to the beach or a community pool, you think you’ve experienced all there is with outdoor showers — well, you’re wrong.

Now, while no one is thinking about Summer, is the time to plan your outdoor paradise.
Forget the cold and rain, and imagine you’re on an island resort, with the bright sun and insatiably clear water. We know the dress code is swimsuit 24/7, and your job includes sunbathing on the beach. So, why go inside just to take a shower? Think it’s crazy? Well, here are some perks you haven’t considered:

  • An ideal pool house cleanup and changing area.
    Like a typical pool/hot tub shower station, it’s a great way to make sure chlorine and salt water doesn’t get tracked into your house and mess up your floors. It also makes the bathroom easier to clean, since it’s already outside.
  • A lifesaver with a houseful of guests.
    When tons of people decide your house is the new party spot, now you have a bathroom/restroom designated for them — away from your personal space. You won’t have to worry who’s snooping through your room, or who left a mess in your indoor bathroom. Send them away, with a smile.

An easy spot to rinse off after a workout. Once you’re finished running or doing hot yoga, the first thing you’ll want to do is shower. Now imagine that shower you come home to looks like the tropical paradise you imagined you were working out in….
Give your home a resort-like feel. Don’t wonder how you can stuff your vacation destination into your bag, go home to paradise every day — complete with an oversized rain shower head, energizing soaps, and stacks of fluffy white towels, all for your enjoyment.
Makes an everyday routine feel extra special. Now you’ll be excited to wake up every day and step into that scenic nirvana you created. Every single day, you’ll go to work and nothing will bother you, because you’ve got something waiting for you at home — and it’s not bills.

Now’s the time to start planning this project! While everyone is stuffing their faces full of Christmas cookies, you’ll be planning your vacation and bikini body.

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