Sewer & Water Lines

Sewer & 

Water Lines

The water line feeds clean water into your home. The sewer line discharges the dirty water from your home. When either one of those fails, you’ve got a problem. Pipes can incur damage from extreme temperatures during freezing and thawing cycles; invasive tree and shrub roots can rupture the pipe and create blockages; an old pipe will naturally corrode over time, and shifting soil can snap pipes at the joints.

Signs of Damaged Water Lines

Indications that your Norfolk water line may be damaged include low water pressure, a significant increase in your water bill, standing water in the yard, or a water meter that runs even when the water is off. It might be one, two, or all of those symptoms. Frankly, we’re pretty sure you’ll know when your main water line goes bad—that’s when it’s time to call the experts at Norfolk Plumbing.

Signs of Damaged Sewer Lines

Sewer lines are susceptible to the same kinds of damage, but can also become stressed by internal clogs from excessive tissue or sanitary products disposal, or just something that went down the pipe that probably shouldn’t have. 

We’re pretty sure you’ll also know if your sewer line is compromised—if the presence of water where it shouldn’t be doesn’t let you know, the foul smells in your home will. In addition, drains may become slow or may back up altogether, and you may notice wet basement walls or floors, perhaps even mildew growth.

Norfolk’s Water Line Repair Experts

Whether water or sewer, broken main lines are serious business. Reach out to us sooner than later to inspect your property. We can test your pipes to determine their condition. If necessary, we’ll dig up the bad pipe, taking care not to disrupt your property and landscaping any more than necessary. Then we’ll drop in the new pipe, usually within 1-2 days, and your lines will be back to full functionality.


Services We Offer

Plumbing Services & Repairs

You can’t live in your home without running water. When you need plumbing service in Norfolk, call us.

Water Heater Installation

Tankless water heaters save you significant energy costs and provide immediate, constant hot water. We offer and install a range of tankless models.

Jetting/Drain Cleaning

Clogs in the sewer line or way down the line of another pipe need a high pressure injection of water to clear the clog. We’ll blast your lines clear, guaranteed.

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