There’s An App for That!

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Ever feel like this technology stuff is moving kind of fast? We’re used to working in the analog world of plumbing, but even though, we’re using technology in a lot of different ways. Now, you can download the Norfolk Plumbing app for Apple and Android devices so you have us in your pocket for that moment that you just weren’t … Read More

4 Steps To Minimize Water Damage from Your Toilet

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A study by the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS) found that toilet failures are the second leading cause of home water loss with an average cost of $5,584 in damages after the deductible. However, there are four steps that you can take to prevent leaky toilets and consequential water damage. Coping With a Clogged Toilet Standing next … Read More

Our Commitment to Our Community: What NPI Is Doing to Develop Young Workers for the Future

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If you think that Norfolk Plumbing is just like any other plumber, you might be interested to know that we’re not. Any plumber will tell you they’re committed to their customers, but what about the community? At NPI, we’re also committed to helping young people learn skills and get jobs in our workforce today. While getting an education is important, … Read More

Joe’s Jobs Visits Norfolk Plumbing On Site

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Joe’s Job: Plumber “We took 160-plus calls in two days,” said Norfolk Plumbing owner Jeff Hux. “So it was pretty active. We had some crews out working till one in the morning, two nights in a row.”