Drip Drip Drip Goes the Water Spigot

It is that time of year when we start using our garden hoses to water those beautiful gardens in our yards.  However, overtime your outside water spigots begin to leak or corrode.  In the long run, replacing or repairing your spigot will save you money in water loss.

To replace the spigot you will first need to locate the main shutoff valve to turn off the water.  You will need an adjustable wrench to fit snugly against the valve and turn it 90 degrees.  Let the leftover water drain out of the spigot and remove the spigot.  You will need to use the adjustable wrench and pliers to tightly grip the spigot and twist off.  The threads on the pipe will need to be cleaned with a wire brush to remove any corrosion, rust, or dirt.  Wrap the pipe threads with plumbers tape starting at the base.  At this point you can install the new spigot and hand tighten it.  Wrap the spigot in a towel to protect it and then tighten the rest of the way with pliers.

      So let’s keep those gardens colorful and blooming this season, we would much rather spend money on our colorful gardens than waste money on water loss.

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