Toliets From Around the World

Toilets, something we take for granted everyday, but did you know that he average person spends 3 years of their life on the toilet? While toilets have been around since ancient times in China, Greece, Persia, Rome and India, they have come a long way from those ancient days of yore.

The first modern flushing toilet was actually attributed to Sir John Harington in 1596, godson of Queen Elizabeth 1. He boasted that his toilet could handle up to 20 people before needing to be flushed! Of course this lead to the invention of the first public toilet said to have been built in 1851 in London’s Crystal Palace.

Toilets now come with so many options! There are toilets that can now do s many wonderful things. Fancy Bidet toilets, toilets with heated seats, warm water toilets, toilets with blowers, even toilets made of Gold! Arab king Abdullah gifted a toilet made of gold to his daughter on her wedding. I guess that makes her a flushing bride!

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