End of Summer Plumbing Tips

We aren’t ready for summer to end, but it is inevitable and the colder months are just lingering around the corner.  The leaves will start to fall and the winter coats will be worn.  Now is the time to do some small maintenance on your plumbing to prevent a possible large repair later.  Take the time to do the below recommendations to prepare for those dreaded cold months so you aren’t spending more money in the long run.

Sewer Lines

Inspecting your sewer lines for any root growth from plants and trees can prevent a disaster later on.  If you notice obvious wet areas where the sewer lines are in the ground, it is possible that there is a leak in the lines.  Call your local plumber if you suspect a leak.  Roots can ultimately be a problem for your sewer lines, catch the problem before it wreaks havoc and costs you more money.

Hoses and Drains

Over the spring and summer months, outdoor hoses are used quite often to water our gardens, wash our cars, and fill our pools.  Over time, continuous use of the hose can cause wear and tear and subsequently cause water leakage.  When you are closing your outdoors down for the summer, make sure you check your hoses for any leaks and repair or replace as necessary.  Drains also need to be checked for any blockage or for any over growth from grass or weeds.  Check around you HVAC system as well.

Indoor Plumbing

Always check your appliances for leaks.  Look for any hoses that might have bulges which ultimately means that the hose may burst.  Look around the appliance for any wet areas indicating that your appliance may be leaking water.  Your water bill is a good indication that you may have a water leak.  If it is higher than what it should be, you will want to find out why and check for any leaks to avoid future water damage and/or property damage.

Insulate Pipes

One way to help your pipes from freezing in the winter and possibly bursting is to insulate them.

It is always a good idea to make a plan of safety.  Make a checklist of what you should be checking before the cold winter months arrive.  Doing so we help you avoid any unplanned disasters or damages to your home.  Call Norfolk Plumbing if you have any concerns or questions with your winter plumbing preparations.

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