Adding A New Bathroom

So You are Thinking of Adding a New Bathroom to Your Home

One thing to consider is how much plumbing will be involved and how much will the new plumbing cost?  You always want to make sure that the addition will be a good investment.  Whether the new bathroom you are considering is a second bathroom for guests, children, or a master bath, it is all going to depend on the existing plumbing.
Most older homes only have one bathroom, therefore adding a master bathroom suite is usually desired. Newer homes typically have more than one bathroom, but sometimes another bathroom for comfort and convenience is wanted.
So let’s talk about the layout of your home. Do you have a crawl space or a basement? These give homeowners more options as to where they want the bathroom to be located. It requires less work and less money because plumbing etc is routed under the house and not through the walls of the home. However, it is best to add a bathroom where plumbing already exists, then you are able to just run plumbing lines from the existing plumbing. The same goes for adding a new bathroom next to an already existing bathroom. This makes it easier as well to run off the same existing plumbing.

Another thing to consider is your plumbing budget. Think of what you want to spend on adding a new bathroom. If it is going to be a master bath, you are looking at spending a little more than if you were just doing a half bath or guest bathroom. Master baths tend to involve adding extras for luxury such as garden or Jacuzzi tubs, a separate shower, double sinks, etc. Therefore the cost will be much higher. Typically, the estimates for adding a bathroom can start at $10,000 and go up from there. Of course adding any additional furnishings, tiles, and such will add to that cost.
Time involved in your bathroom project will depend on how big your project is.
A half bath or guest bath may only take a couple weeks, but a larger more complicated design may take as long as a month or more.  Keep in mind the budget you have, what kind of bathroom you will be adding, the amount of time you want it completed, and where your existing plumbing is.  All of this becomes factors in your decision making.

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