What Is That Noise?

We are all used to those funny random noises around our homes, the hum here, the knocking there and typically most of these sounds are completely normal and leave you with nothing to worry about but that is not always the case. Banging water pipes are not a sound we should be accustomed to hearing …

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Turn Up The Heat!

Are you getting less hot water then usual? Is your water not staying as hot as you would like it to? Well, it is very common to notice these changes during the winter. There is a simple solution, turn up the heat! During the winter the ground temperature changes and gets a lot colder causing …

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Some Like It Hot

Only some like it hot? Let’s be honest with ourselves, we ALL rely on hot water. Our water heaters get us through every shower and dishwasher run. But even though our plumbing technology has improved 10-fold in the past 100 years, even the best units aren’t made to last forever. We must all prepare for water heater …

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