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Drain Cleaning Services

Lots of things can clog up a drain—grease down the disposal, excessive tissue or too many sanitary products down the toilet, paint or mud from a drywall project down the shop sink, or something else you wish hadn’t gone down but unfortunately did.

Professional Clog

Removal in Norfolk

Sometimes a clog is so far down the line and is so big and stuck so tight that your neighborhood handyman can’t get their standard drain snake deep enough to reach the clog, or can’t apply enough pressure to dislodge the blockage.

That’s when it’s time to call Norfolk Plumbing. For residential and commercial clogs, we’ve got a sure-fire solution that is effective and won’t damage the pipe. We unclog drains with a method called jetting, sometimes referred to as hydro jetting, sewer jetting, or drain jetting. The process involves inserting a high pressure hose fitted on the end with a nozzle, and injecting a high-pressure stream of water into the pipe. The powerful spray erodes and dislodges whatever substances or objects are caught in the pipe.

Put the Kibosh

On Chemicals

We don’t recommend the use of chemical products as an attempt to unclog a drain. For starters, the caustic chemicals damage your pipes, and in the end they rarely make good on their claim. And they really can’t when the clog requires a more heavy-duty fix like jetting. The worst part is that chemical drain cleaners can also make you sick or cause extensive physical injury if accidently splashed on your skin or eyes.

Instead of reaching for the chemicals, get hold of Norfolk Plumbing when your drains back up. Our solution is clean, safe, and highly effective.


Services We Offer

Combi Boiler Conversions

If you have a heat-only boiler, we can swap out your old system for a combi boiler that provides your heat and your hot water.

Boiler Installation, Repair & Maintenance

We repair boilers, and we offer regular maintenance to ward off future repair. We also install modern, energy efficient boilers.

Radiators, Steam & Hot Water Systems

Radiators and pipes in your steam and hot water systems can clog with sediment and sludge. We’ll bleed and clean everything.

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