Why You Should Never Hire an Inexperienced Plumber

Plumbing is important. We’re not just saying that cause we’re in the business. We’re saying it because even though it’s not something you think about daily, it’s something you use daily. Without functioning plumbing in your home you’d be in some serious trouble. With plumbing being so important it’s just as important to hire someone that KNOWS what they’re doing to help. Hiring just any plumber you find can be dangerous. It’s important to hire someone with knowledge, certifications, and good customer history. 

Here’s why you should NEVER hire an inexperienced plumber… 

Reason #1 

Hiring someone that has a low price tag doesn’t mean you won’t pay for that low price. An inexperienced plumber may do work that doesn’t follow your city’s local plumbing codes. That means you could face getting in trouble and paying to have it fixed…again. 

Reason #2 

Someone who is unlicensed is also not likely to be a contractor. No contractor means no contract to be upheld in a court of law should things go south. This one is a big one because it can cost you a lot to deal with plumbing issues that you can’t hold the plumber accountable for. 

Reason #3 

This one may seem obvious but hiring just any plumber means they aren’t likely to use quality products or complete quality work. While it may work as a short-term solution it’s not going to hold up for long periods of time. It’s best to hire someone professional who may cost more upfront, but who will provide a solution that lasts. 

Reason #4 

You are at risk of becoming a victim of fraud or scams. Unfortunately, there are a lot of bad people in the world who are looking to make money off of people in bad situations. A plumbing emergency is a great place for these bad people to take advantage. 

As you can see there are a lot of reasons we recommend you avoid any unlicensed plumbers. Not only is it a risk for your home, but also for you. Always do your research and be sure that who you’re hiring is qualified for the job. 

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