Water Heater Regulations – Part 2

Last month, we discussed the introduction of new federal regulations for water heaters and how they can affect you (If you missed it, you can read it here).
The regulations note that all water heaters will be seeing an increase in size and the space needed to store them. The biggest change will occur with the units that are over 55 gallons. As a result, some units may need a complete replacement when a new system is needed.

Over 55 gallons:

Water heaters that are over 55 gallons will require more space. The regulations may potentially have you switch models to accommodate this new standard. Under the NAECA 2015 rules, all residential electric models over 55 gallons must be of the Hybrid Electric heat pump water heater design. There will be no more 60, 80 or 120 gallon electric models available to purchase. If you have a water heater that is over 55 gallons that is a gas model, you will need to switch to a condensing water heater.

Under 55 gallons:

Water heaters that are less than 55 gallons will see a large change in the space requirements. The heights of new units can be two or more inches taller and two or more inches wider than the previous models. To prepare for these changes, add a minimum of three or more inches when planning the space where the water heater will be placed.

Replacement Options:

If space will not be an issue for a new water heater under 55 gallons, water heaters of similar capacity but larger in physical size can be installed. However, if space is an issue, a similar water heater with smaller capacity maybe installed or a water heater with different technology can be considered.
If you have any questions regarding your water heater and the new regulations, call or email us and we will gladly explain the new standards. We are always looking to keep our customers up-to-date with new regulations so you can stay informed of when you need a new system or appliance.

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