Turn Up The Heat!

Are you getting less hot water then usual? Is your water not staying as hot as you would like it to? Well, it is very common to notice these changes during the winter. There is a simple solution, turn up the heat!

During the winter the ground temperature changes and gets a lot colder causing the incoming water temperature to be colder therefore making your water heater work in over time to heat up the now very cold water. Once you start to use the hot water that is already in your tank, the water heater pulls more of this colder water from outside in to make up for the lost water which then makes your hot water colder. In the winter months most people enjoy a longer hotter shower due to it being so cold outside so this hot water to cold water cycle never ends. Unless of course, you just turn up the thermostat on your water heater so that you can have that always hotter water.
If you are using a gas water heater the thermostat is a small box that sticks out of the front of it. Most people keep their temperature on the recommended 120 degrees but if you want that hotter water during these colder months turn it up to 125 or 130 degrees and you will be able to feel a noticeable difference during your showers. Give it about half an hour after you up the temperature and then do a test run with your water, you should notice a difference right then. If you are satisfied with the hot water temperature then keep it where it is and enjoy those nice hot showers all winter long. Just don’t forget to set yourself a reminder to turn it back down in the spring.
For electric water heaters you will have to use a screwdriver and open the small top panel and adjust the temperature dial inside that panel box. Please be sure to refer to your owners manual when doing this and especially be very cautious when your power is on.

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