Toilets Around the World

Did you know that the toilet you are accustomed to in your home is not a universal toilet used by the rest of the world? Every culture, country and even town, has their own toilets that are designed specifically for them. In this blog post we highlight toilets from around the world that we find fascinating and interesting.

The first toilet (pictured below) is called the “Washout Toilet” and is commonly found in eastern European countries such as Austria, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands. It’s known for it’s platform where “everything” lands for inspection before flushing (only if you really want to). What are your thoughts on the “washout toilet”?
The next toilet on our trip around the world brings us to Asia. In order to operate this toilet properly, you will definitely have to use the strength in your legs. To properly use it, one must assume a squat position while facing towards the wall. You will “feel the burn” when using this one! Do you have the strength to handle this toilet?

Who puts two toilets so close to each other in their bathroom? The toilet on the right is not actually  a toilet but rather a Bidet. It is used to clean your “underneaths”. You can find them in European countries such as France, Italy and Spain. They are also common in South American countries such as Argentina and Brazil. Have you used a bidet? Would you use it again?

In the USA it is illegal to go to the bathroom in public but in other parts of the work it is completely acceptable, to a point that is! Check out the photo below from the Netherlands, could you muster the courage and do this in public with people walking by?

The final toilet that we are showcasing comes to us from Sochi, Russia. These toilets became popular on blogs and news sites with the recent winter Olympic games. No they are not urinals, in fact, they are toilets. We hope you like close company if you plan on using this one, they are so close you can hold hands with the person next to you. Is this a little too close for comfort?

We hope you enjoyed looking through these different toilets from around the world. If you’re ready to see more of these controversial porcelain thrones, like us on Facebook! If you have a picture of one we didn’t feature please comment below. We would love to see the toilet and where it is from.

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