The 5 Most Common Plumbing Emergencies

The truth is that plumbing emergencies are common and they do happen. Of course, we’d like to all live in a world where these sorts of issues don’t occur, but the truth is that they’re hard to avoid. Sometimes just simple wear and tear can lead to a plumbing emergency. But what are some of the most common plumbing emergencies? We’ll take a look at a few today! 

Just a quick reminder that while sometimes plumbing emergencies just happen, maintenance and proper care are still extremely important. Taking proper care of your plumbing will help lessen the chances of dealing with a plumbing emergency. 

Emergency #1 = Clogs 

Unfortunately, clogs are common and we’re not just talking about toilet clogs. Your sink or bathtub can get clogged too. Clogs typically occur when there’s something blocking the pipes in your system. This is typically waste, in the case of your toilet, it could be too much toilet paper. In the case of your shower, it could be a build-up of product or hair. The best way to avoid clogs is to just be mindful of what you’re sending down your drains. 

Emergency #2 = No Hot Water 

No hot water in the middle of your shower can be infuriating. No hot water can be especially unfortunate during the winter. The lack of hot water is likely due to your water heater experiencing issues. If you find that you’ve spent days without hot water then it means there’s 100% a problem. Some typical water heater problems include broken dip tubes, sludge build-up, or broken heat mechanisms. 

Emergency #3 = Leaking & Rust 

You may feel like a leaky faucet is no big deal, I mean who really cares right? Wrong, leaking faucets can waste gallons of water and cost you a fortune on your water bill. But we’re not just talking about leaking faucets, leaks from broken pipes in your walls can also be a serious cause for concern. Leaks in the wall that are left untreated can cause mold growth. Standing water in your pipes from a leaking faucet can also cause mold and rust growth. 

Emergency #4 = Your Toliet is Running…Constantly 

A running toilet means that it’s constantly acting as though it’s flushing, the water is always running through the toilet. A running toilet can be pretty annoying, but it can also be costing you on your water bill. Trust us, it’s easier to call a plumber out to fix the issue than let it continue to run. 

Emergency #5 = Backed up Sewage System 

A sewage backup is not fun. In fact, it’s actually a nightmare for most homeowners. Whether you have a municipal sewage system or a septic system backups can happen. When they do you may experience waste coming back through your pipes and into your sinks. It may even back up through the drains in your shower. The fact is that this is actually very dangerous. The bacteria and odors in the waste can be harmful to you so it’s important to deal with this as soon as you can. 

We know that hearing about all these possible nightmare scenarios is not fun. But being aware of the possibilities can help you better prepare for them. It can also help you work harder to prevent them! However, should you have any sort of plumbing emergency Norfolk Plumbing is available to help. Our experts are available 24/7 to assist you with your situation. Simply call (757) 466-0644 for help!

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