Making the Switch from Propane to Natural Gas for Your Grill

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Plumbers and Gas Contractors in Norfolk VAYou’re only hurting yourself if you are using propane tanks for your barbecues. There are a number of reasons why you should give up the propane and install a gas line to your grill.

1) Natural gas is cheaper:  Although natural gas is less potent (it’s half as powerful as propane) natural gas is 1/6 the cost of propane per unit volume. Multiply the cost by 2 (due to natural gas being half as potent) and you end up with a barbecuing cost of 1/3. Essentially, you can cut the cost of barbecuing by 2/3 by switching to natural gas.

2) Natural gas is more environmentally friendly: Despite the fact that you have to produce twice as much of natural gas as you would propane, natural gas still produces less greenhouse gas