Summer Plumbing Problems to be Wary of

Summer is coming and that either means you’re spending a lot more time at home or that you’re going to be away a bunch traveling. Either way, it’s important to consider your plumbing and how it may be affected this summer. Let’s look at some summer plumbing issues you should be looking for. 

Problem 1 – Slow Drains 

The first problem to watch out for is slow-clearing drains in your home. This may be a common occurrence for you in the summer, especially if you spend a lot of time outdoors. You and your family may be tracking in a lot more debris during the summer from trips to the beach or lake. Extra dirt and sand can clog your drains, especially when showering it all off. One of the best ways to combat this is to simply wipe off as much excess dirt as possible before getting into the shower/coming inside. *Pro-tip: consider installing an outdoor shower for your family to rinse off at before coming inside. This is great for those that are active outdoors or who live close to the beach. 

Problem 2 – Sprinkler Issues

Another problem you may experience during the summer is sprinkler issues. This may be a problem you face if you have tons of additional traffic through your yard. For example, lots of kids playing or backyard barbeques may lead to broken sprinkler heads. They can also be damaged during lawn work; if you have sprinklers, be sure to check them before use. Using a broken sprinkler may lead to additional problems – aka more $ and time. 

Problem 3 – Flooding Basements 

We’ve been known to get some pretty nasty summer storms here in the Virginia Beach area. This can often bring heavy rains, leading to flooding in your basement (if you have one). The best way to stop your basement from flooding is to check your sump pump. If your sump pump is in working order, it should be no worry. If it seems broken, you may be at risk of flooding during heavy rain. 

Problem 4 – Garbage Disposal Clogs 

We’ve said this before, but we’ll remind you again – your garbage disposal is not for ALL garbage. The device is not meant to act as a second trash can; some things can’t go down the garbage disposal for fear of clogging. This is an important reminder for the summer where lots of BBQ and fresh fruits and veggies are being eaten. A reminder that things like corn on the cob, fruit rinds, and bones can’t go down your garbage disposal. As a rule of thumb, if you’re unsure whether it should go down the drain, it probably shouldn’t. 

Problem 5 –Outdoor leaks 

The weather is warm, so that means washing your car outside, waterslides and kiddie pools, and watering your plants often. You’re likely doing all of these things with an outdoor hose. That’s perfect; just make sure you’re checking it for leaks. Did you know that an outdoor faucet can leak up to 90 gallons of water in ONE day? This often happens because it’s out of sight, out of mind once you go in. Don’t run your water bill up like this; check to ensure there are no leaks and it’s fully off before heading in for the day. 

We hope these summer plumbing tips helped you be mindful of what to watch for. Luckily, most problems can be easily fixed and prevented by simply being more mindful. Remember to take good care of your home’s plumbing so that it can keep taking good care of you. If you need plumbing assistance or have any questions, give our experts a call. We’re ready to assist you with all your plumbing needs – (757) 466-0644

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