Plumbing Tools Every Home Should Have

Minor plumbing problems can often be solved by the homeowner. Issues like clogged toilets or backed up drains may be a simple fix that does not require an expert. But it’s important to make sure you have the right tools to take care of these problems. Here are a few plumbing tools that we think every home should have.

Every house, apartment, condo or any other dwelling that has a bathroom should have a plunger on hand. While newer systems rarely have problems, no system can claim that a clog will never happen. A toilet flange plunger is considered the best all around plunger, but sink and accordion plungers can also do the trick in a pinch.

Toilet Auger
When the suction from a plunger won’t free a stubborn clog, a toilet auger is often the next best thing. Toilet augers can reach several feet into the drain. A rubberized elbow prevents toilets from being scratched by the auger and a crank handle makes it easy to extend the auger through the pipes.

Plumber’s Drain Snake
A plumber’s snake is more often used in a clogged sink situation. While it can be useful in a toilet, it will most likely scratch the finish on the inside of the toilet bowl. Plumber’s snakes can reach a good distance and can free stubborn clogs, but also require a bit of skill.

Adjustable Pipe Wrench
A good size pipe wrench comes in handy from time to time. Opening a drain will require one since most other wrenches are too small for drain pipes and pipe wrenches are specifically designed to grab round objects. The more pressure that is applied to the wrench, the tighter it will grab the object.

If you ever need to cut through a pipe, the only way you are going to do it is with a hacksaw. Of course, always be sure you know what you’re cutting through. If there are questions about how to do the job correctly or whether or not the cut will cause additional problems, you should consult a professional.

Thread Seal Tape
Changing a shower head seems like an easy job, but it is impossible without thread seal tape. Thread seal tape ensures that the fixture you’re replacing has a tight seal and that water won’t leak through the threads. Shower heads, sink and toilet hoses and any other connection between a threaded water pipe and another connection should include the use of thread seal tape.

When performing your own plumbing repairs and improvements, ensure that you exercise caution. If your problems appear larger than what you can handle or if you are unsure about plumbing in general, call (757) 466-0644 and consult with the experts at Norfolk Plumbing.

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