Office Expansion!

Not only are we building an expansion for our plumbers, we are redesigning our office space as well! We had outgrown the space that we were currently in and had to rearrange to accommodate all of us. Originally, we had one big “room” on the left side of the office building and had it split it into two offices.

The first set of pictures you see will become the office of Dee Hux. A door will be placed in the opening of the left picture and that window you see in the first picture was actually covered up beforehand. The room will now have more natural light coming into it. The holes in the drywall will be replaced with windows to allow more light in as well.
Indoors Expansion
The additional room that was created will be used by two of our wonderful employees. The left wall is what divides this office from Dee’s. Right now, with all of the construction going on, we have used Jeff’s office as a storage unit. Thanks Jeff!
Indoor Expansion
This expansion will help to serve you, the customer, better in our future endeavors. This will help the office become more efficient and productive. We hope to have this project completed within the next week so that we can enjoy our new space!

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