Now Is the Time to Replace Your Boiler!

Just by the title, you’re probably thinking “why should I even be concerned about my boiler during the summer?” Well, you could be missing out on an opportunity to save time and money. While it may be more relaxing to bask in your blowing air conditioning and push thoughts of winter out of your head, you could get stuck with some problems once that cold weather sets in. Here, we’ll go through some of the benefits of replacing your boiler in these hot summer months.

  • Catch up with technology. If you have an older boiler that is nearing its end, a replacement with newer model increases your chances of saving money. Newer models are being made energy  efficient to give you warm air at a lower cost. Those dreaded winter energy bills have nothing against your new boiler.
  • You don’t need the heat. Most boiler replacements can take between 1-3 days and many companies that offer these services are very busy throughout the winter, you could be left without heat for days. Now is the best time to take care of it while you can bask in the warm sunshine.
  • Time is on your side. Many people want to be 100% sure of their purchases, especially when they are high cost purchases. Looking into boiler replacement during the summer allows you to research brands, types, and prices so that you get the best value out of what you spend. You should not have to make a rush decision on a system that is responsible for keeping you comfortable.
  • Say goodbye to risky business. With a summer boiler replacement, you won’t have to risk a costly, inconvenient breakdown in the winter. You can go through winter with peace of mind and a comfortable home. 

Even if you don’t opt for a full replacement, simply having your boiler serviced during the hot summer months can be beneficial to you come winter. With servicing, your system will last longer and work more efficiently so that you stay warm and cozy. For more information about our boiler services, contact Norfolk Plumbing at (757)-466-0644. 

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