Norfolk Plumbing: Better. Faster. Stronger

Norfolk Plumbing is excited to announce that we are expanding! This expansion will serve two purposes: The main purpose is to increase in-house storage of products and materials. Having more products in-store and on-hand enables Norfolk Plumbing to fix your plumbing problems even faster than before. No more ordering products and waiting on shipping!

The second portion of the expansion will see the upstairs transformed into a gym to help our workers to stay in shape and live a healthy lifestyle. This is great for them and great for you. A strong, happy and focused worker makes all the difference between a job done, and a job well done.

From all of us here at Norfolk Plumbing, we thank you, satisfied customers! Without your continued support this expansion would never have seen the light of day. We enjoy seeing you happy, so thanks for helping us grow our business to better serve you! Check out the progress of the expansion below.

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