Keeping Warm with Gas Logs

With the weather getting colder and the holidays getting closer you’re probably thinking about ways to keep your house warm and cozy. One great way to keep the house warm and to set the cozy mood is with gas logs. Gas logs can be a low maintenance alternative to a traditional fireplace. With gas logs you can keep your family warm without having to chop, haul, or burn real wood. Gas logs will give you the ambiance you want this holiday season with a simple flick of a switch! Here are the basics if you’re considering switching to gas logs in your fireplace.

When deciding if gas logs are the right option for your home it’s important to understand what your options are. Below we’ll discuss the types of gas logs as well as the type of gas you can use.

Type of logs:

Vented gas logs create a more natural flame pattern and are great if you’re looking for ambiance over heat. Vented logs don’t require a carbon monoxide detector but will require some kind of venting system such as a chimney.

Ventless gas logs will be more effective in heating your home, they don’t consume as much fuel and they don’t require a venting system. However, they can produce a slight odor and will require you to have a carbon monoxide detector because they can deplete oxygen in the air.

Type of gas:

Natural gas has a lower price and if you have other natural gas-powered appliances then it’s an easy set up. It’s important to note that natural gas must be hard piped to an appliance from buried service lines which may not be available in all areas.

Liquid Propane can be more expensive but allows for a hotter burn and can be operated independently of natural gas lines or appliances. Note that this will require a tank outside your home and a contract with a propane dealer.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both styles of gas logs as well as the type of gas used. What you prefer is up to you and what works best for your home.  It’s important to consider all options when looking to switch to this style of fireplace.

As with any kind if fireplace it’s important to be cautious and practice safety at all times. If you think gas logs are a good option for your home be sure to work with a licensed professional. Norfolk Plumbing is happy to offer our services regarding gas logs and gas piping. We can help you navigate what options will be best for your home. Keep your family warm and cozy this holiday season with gas logs!

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Happy Holidays from Norfolk Plumbing!

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