Insulating Your Water Pipes

When we think about the water coming through our pipes, we mostly concentrate on what kind of water heater we want. You might think, why is there a need to insulate my pipes when my water heater provides hot water already? Well, few homeowners know about the energy efficiency of insulating hot and cold water pipes.

  • It’s getting hot in here.
    • Keep your hot water hot. Whether you have a tank or tankless water heater, you have hot water. Adding insulation can help keep your water hot in the case of a water heater with a tank. It can also slow down the cooling of your hot water. 
    • Adding a few degrees. It is recommended to keep your hot water heater at a temperature of 120 degrees for energy efficiency and safety. Quality insulation can add a few degrees to your water temperature, allowing you to lower your water heater temperature a little more to save a couple of extra dollars.
    • Saving time and water. That extra heat will shorten the time it takes for your water to heat up as it travels to your fixtures.
  • Cold, cold, cold. 
    • Preventing freezing pipes. If your cold water pipes run through any areas of your home that do not have climate control, they are at risk of freezing during the harsh winter weather. Added insulation will help prevent that. 
    • Keeping your cold water cold. There is nothing more refreshing than a cold glass of water on a hot summer day, but just like those exposed pipes in the winter, the summer heat can affect them as well. Un-insulated pipes in the summer heat will make your water temperature higher.
    • Avoiding condensation. High humidity areas can cause condensation on metal pipes that are filled with cold water. These droplets of condensation can damage areas surrounding your pipes, like the Christmas decorations down in the basement. 

Insulating your pipes can be beneficial and cost effective in the long run. If you have any questions about pipe insulation, contact your plumbers in the bright yellow trucks, 757-466-0644.

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