How to Minimize Water Damage in Your Bathroom

If you’re worried about getting water damage anywhere in your home, it should be your bathroom. This is the area that sees the most water and therefore is subject to the chance of water damage. Water damage can cause rotting wood, mold growth, rusting metals, and bacteria growth. These can be serious concerns for your home and your health. How can you avoid water damage in your bathroom? Let’s take a look at a couple of ways in this blog! 

Pay attention to signs of leaks.
You may be dealing with a leak if you start noticing a musty odor in your bathroom. You may also begin seeing bubbling on drywall or discoloration of the wood. You should check under the vanity as a first place something may start leaking. If any of these issues arise in your bathroom, be sure to call an expert immediately.

Make sure to use those bath mats.
Bath mats can add to the aesthetic of your bathroom, but they’re also functional. Adding bath mats, specifically in front of the shower/tub, can help keep water from seeping into the floor. Bath mats can help reduce your risk of falling as well.

Fix/replace broken tiles.
If you find that the tile on your bathroom floor is cracked, missing, or out of place, be sure to fix it. Having broken tile can lead to an increased chance of water seeping into the foundation of your home. You can follow this same rule of thumb when it comes to caulking around your sink and tub.

Upgrade your bathroom appliances.
Upgrading the appliances in your bathroom can prevent water damage and save you some money. Outdated faucets and showerheads are just not as efficient as newer models.

Avoid clogs by being mindful.
Clogs in your drain and your toilet can cause serious issues later. They can even lead to leaks. That’s why it’s important only to flush toilet paper and waste down the toilet. It’s also essential to keep your drains clear and free of backups.

We hope that some of these tips can help you avoid water damage in your bathroom. No one wants to deal with the work, time, or money that comes with fixing water damage. Should you have any concerns about leaks or damages in your bathroom, give Norfolk Plumbing a call. Our expert plumbers are happy to assist you – (757) 466-0644.

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