Expansion Update

In August, we had a blog post about the recent expansion of our company. If you missed it, you can read it here. After months of work, it is nearing completion! The expansion served two purposes: The main purpose was to increase in-house storage of products and materials. The second purpose was to transform the upstairs into a gym, to help our workers stay in shape and live healthy lifestyles.
The first picture (below left) is the outside of our new building. Our current storage unit has only one bay door, so to safely load equipment onto the trucks; it can take a great deal of time and coordination. With three bay doors from the expansion, we can now load the trucks quicker and much more safely. The second picture (below right) is how the equipment will be stored inside. Making it organized and less cluttered will help our plumbers locate the correct pieces.
Expansion Collage
The upstairs of the expansion will serve two purposes: gym and a bonus room. The gym will feature machines designed to strengthen the muscles that our plumbers use the most. They have already begun putting the machines together and can’t wait to begin using them! The machines can be easily slid aside to create an open room perfect for big meetings and for any events. Did we mention that it includes a bathroom and a shower? I don’t think some our workers will leave this space once it’s completed.
Expansion Upstairs

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