When To Call Your Plumber…Immediately

Winter is not quite upon us yet, but it is getting very close and this is the time of year where you will tend to notice most of your plumbing problems. What not to do…. ignore them. The longer you decide to wait it out and put them off the higher your repair bill could be. If you notice these plumbing problems then take the situation into your own hands immediately….and call Norfolk Plumbing that is.

Problem Number 1. Frozen Pipes. This is considered one of the worst plumbing problems possible in the winter. This comes from the water within your pipes freezing and then expanding. If this is not taken care of immediately then the pipes may burst causing a disastrous mess.

Problem Number 2. Failing Water Heaters. This is another one of the most common problems in the winter. And boy can it be miserable. Most of us can’t stand a cold shower. More often then not homeowners tend to set the temperature on their water heater to high which is not only a waste of energy but also can often cause many other problems too.

Problem Number 3. Drain Clogs. This is an issue that can happen year around but it seems to happen slightly more in the winter due to all the heavy, hot, and greasy meals that are cooked more often this time of year. Pouring grease down the drain is a big no no, it can harden in your drains and cause them to nearly close off.
Problem Number 4. Water Line Breaks. This, along with frozen pipes can cause extreme damage in your home. In these instances make sure to shut off your water immediately.

Always remember if you have a problem whether it is one listed above or not, Norfolk Plumbing is here to help.

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