6 Reasons you May Have Low Water Pressure

As a homeowner, you’re probably not a big fan of your water pressure getting low. We all prefer taking a shower with good pressure or washing dishes with more than just a stream of water.  The problem with water pressure is that there are a lot of things that can affect it. In this blog, we’ll be discussing 6 reasons that your water pressure may be low. 

  • The 2 major shutoff valves aren’t open all of the way. 
    • Your home has two major shutoff valves: the water meter valve and the main house shutoff valve. These two valves control the flow of water from the main water system to your home. 
      • Main House Shutoff: If you find that you’re the only one in your neighborhood with low water pressure then it may be the main house issue. If the valve looks like a hose then you should turn it counterclockwise as far as it will go. If it’s a lever then it should be turned parallel to the pipe. 
      • Water Meter Valve: If you find that your neighbors have low pressure too then it could be related to the water meter valve. If you think it’s a water meter issue then you will likely have to call your local water company. These can be difficult to locate or reach so it’s best to reach out and have the company handle it. 
  • Outdated Fixtures
    • If you have an old home and haven’t updated your fixtures recently then they may be causing some issues. Old/outdated fixtures become faulty over time and they may prevent the water from flowing through effectively. You can either clean the old fixtures or replace them with updated ones! Norfolk Plumbing would be happy to help with either of these. 
  • Your Pressure Regulator is Failing
    • This solution may or may not apply to you because not every home has a pressure regulator. The pressure regulator is a small bell-shaped device that is typically located at the front hose connection. It should be set to about 45-60 psi. If you find that you are always experiencing water pressure that is too low or high then you may have a bad pressure regulator. It is possible for pressure regulators to fail over time, in which case, they’ll need to be replaced.
  • The Pipes are Clogged 
    • If your pipes are clogged this may also cause low water pressure. Clogged pipes can occur simply through daily use and especially if you’re not being mindful of what you’re putting in your plumbing system. Clogs in the pipes will make it difficult for water to pass through, therefore, causing low water pressure. 
  • Your Pipes are Corroded 
    • If your home has steel galvanized pipes then they may be corroded. These types of pipes do have a lifespan of about 20 – 50 years and will begin to corrode over time. This corrosion will make it difficult for water to pass through and may require your entire plumbing system to be replaced. If your home is old and you’re concerned about corroded pipes, then give Norfolk Plumbing a call. 
  • Your Pipes are Leaking. 
    • If you find that your basement is leaking or has flooded recently then you may have leaking pipes. Leaking pipes will obviously have an affect on your water pressure because the water is not being redirected. Leaking pipes can also lead to other problems in your home that can become costly, so it’s important to catch a leak as soon as possible. 

These are just a few possible reasons that your water pressure might be low. If you’re concerned about any of these being a problem in your home then give Norfolk Plumbing a call. Our experts are happy to help explain these issues in further detail. We can also come out and help replace, fix, or repair your plumbing. Call us today for all of your plumbing needs! (757) 466-0644

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