5 Weird things people have flushed down the toilet

This April, we celebrated National Hug a Plumber Day. Ever wondered why a Plumber would need a hug? Well, you’d be surprised by all the crazy things your neighborhood plumber might come in contact with on the job. Here’s just a few: 


A  plumber in Australia found $93,000 in cash while cleaning a toilet. He was such a noble guy, he immediately reported his findings to police who in turn allowed him to keep a little over $75,000. Talk about a good day at work!


Plumbers in Vicksburg, MS found a Civil War-era cannon shell. Not only had this old artifact been flushed at some point, but it was also still live and ready to explode! Let’s just be thankful no one was injured during this ordeal!


In 2009, a woman accidentally flushed her $70,000 diamond wedding ring down a restaurant toilet. It was recovered after 8 hours of some serious plumbing work, including a jackhammer and an infrared camera. That’s some serious dedication on the part of those plumbers! That’s top-notch customer service!


A 2016 survey in Britain estimated British children have flushed over 2.5 million lego bricks down the drain. That’s almost more Legos than you would find in LEGOLAND. Let’s face it, our plumbers are helping our children out, especially when they mistake the toilet for their favorite character’s private swimming pool.


The toilet is the last place you’d look for historic artifacts, but plumbers at a luxury residence in Paris were shocked to find a lavish piece of jewelry that once belonged to Queen Catherine de Medici in the communal toilet. Despite the precious artifact being found in the toilet, the archaeologists were still pleased to find such a discovery of the late queen’s estate.

This is just a glimpse into the world of plumbers. We’re so thankful for all the good work they do, even if it’s just a routine maintenance trip. They never know what might await them, and yet they are always eager to help! Think you may have flushed something important down the toilet? Norfolk Plumbing has you covered! Think you could just use some routine maintenance? Norfolk plumbing has you covered for that too. For all your plumbing needs call Norfolk Plumbing (757) 466-0644

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