5 Spring Plumbing Tips

Birds are flying back North and that sound you hear are the birds chirping throughout Hampton Roads. That means only one thing, spring is here! Put on your shorts, roll down your car windows and checking for water leaks…Water leaks?
Spring is the best time to check for water leaks inside and outside of your home. Hopefully during winter, you unhooked your outdoor hoses and shut off outdoor valves to prevent any leaks or breaks. Listed below are some quick spring tips you can take advantage of to ensure this spring will be one of the best!

  • Check your appliances and hoses for any bulges or leaks. You should replace all appliance hoses that are older than 10 years.
  • Turn on the outdoor spigot to see if water runs through it. If no water comes out, make sure the valve is on and if not, contact Norfolk Plumbing so that we can fix the problem!
  • Add strainers to all of your drains to block hair, soap and debris clogging them.
  • Make sure your toilets flush properly. If the handle jiggles or needs to be held down for the duration of the flush, replace the worn out parts. This is inexpensive and saves more on your water bill.
  • Check your outdoor drains, gutters and downspouts for any clogs.

These five tips can be used to help prevent further problems for the coming year, while also giving you a small DIY project if something is amiss. What other spring cleaning do you participate in? Let us know, we always enjoy hearing what other people are cleaning.

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