5 Plumbing FAQs

This winter weather is almost history, but it’s not over yet! Today we take the time to answer some frequently asked questions about plumbing. We receive hundreds of calls every month and these are some of the most common questions we have been asked.

How do you fix a running toilet?
Most likely it’s just the flap at the bottom of the tank, which is easily replaceable. If the chain is too long, it can get caught under the flapper and pull on it. Be sure your chain is the proper length.

What can cause a high water bill, besides leaking faucets or pipes?
Usually, leaks in residential plumbing are found in the toilet. This usually results from old parts or a part of the flushing mechanism not being aligned properly. Examine your toilets and look for any of these problems to help with your water bill.

What makes my toilet sweat and how do I stop it?
This is a combination of cold water filling the toilet and warm air in the room, causing condensation to form. There are a  few things that you can do to prevent this. You can purchase a kit at your local hardware store to insulate the inside of your tank, which may solve your issue. You can also get a mixing valve, which is put on the cold water supply to make the water slightly warmer, and eliminate the condensation.

If my drain is clogged, should I use a chemical drain cleaner before calling a plumber?
Most chemical drain cleaners are packed with very toxic chemicals. By pouring these down your drains, you are contributing to global pollution. Over time, these chemicals can also do a number on your pipes, we recommend calling a professional.

Why does my plumbing system have a vent?
The vent connected to your plumbing system is what allows the sewage gases to be released outside of your home. It also allows air to pass through your pipes when water is used. This keeps everything flowing smoothly without any backups.

I hope that we have answered any or some of your questions. If you still have a question regarding your plumbing, please contact one of our helpful professionals with your question and we will gladly help.

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