5 Fall Plumbing Tips

5 Fall Plumbing Tips

The leaves are ablaze in orange and red hues, pumpkin-flavored treats abound, and the sun is retreating behind the horizon by 5 PM. Fall has arrived in Virginia. The cold weather may deter you from spending much time on home repair or improvements, but neglecting these simple tasks now may lead to problems come spring. We have compiled a list of five fall plumbing tips to keep your home running at the highest possible efficiency and to protect you against any potential plumbing problems this winter season.

Outdoor Hoses

  • Drain the remaining water from the hose. Take apart the hose to ensure that water will not freeze and back up, which can lead to a burst spigot (see below) and a ruined hose.

Leaking Spigots

  • As mentioned above, check for a leaky spigot after removing your hose. If there is a leak, have it fixed immediately to avoid any bursts and cracks within your water pipes.

Gutters, Drains & Downspouts

  • Clean, remove and repair any drainage devices around your home. If left backed up or damaged, freezing temperatures can cause leaks and overflows.

Water Heater Sediment Removal

  • If you have a water heater, flush out the sediment buildup. This buildup causes corrosion, shortens the life span of the water heater, and reduces heating efficiency. Consult the owner’s manual for instructions specific to your make and model.

Insulation of Pipes

  • Now is the perfect time to prepare your AC and water pipes before winter temperatures set in. If you have any exposed pipes, wrap insulation around them to ensure that they will not freeze and burst during the winter.

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