5 Common Household Plumbing Problems

Everyday at Norfolk Plumbing we hear about pipes bursting and toilets that are leaking so we compiled the five most common household plumbing problems that plague us.

5 Common Plumbing Problems

No hot water – water heater issues are the most common reason people call the plumber. If this issue arises, there are a few steps to take without calling a professional:

  • Gas water heaters with pilot lights, make sure the light is lit.
  • Ensure the temperature setting on the water heater is set high enough to provide adequate amounts of hot water.
  • Check to make sure the water heater is big enough to meet one’s needs, especially in new homes.

Leaking pipes – To prevent a small leak from becoming a big leak, it is a good idea to check pipes periodically for rust or white lime deposits.

Leaking water heaters – Leaks typically indicate rusting through the bottom of the water storage tank, and there is no repair for such a problem. Leaking water heaters need to be replaced.

Running toilets – They are usually indicated by a low humming noise or if the toilet continues running into the bowl. Running toilets usually suggest that some part of the toilet is out of order.

Leaking toilets – Leaking toilets can add more than $100 to one’s annual water bill. To repair a leaking toilet, sometimes simply jiggling the flushing handle can fix the problem. For issues in which this is not the case, however, it may be necessary to call a professional.
When in doubt regarding how to properly fix home plumbing repair problems, it is always best to contact Norfolk Plumbing. We will be able to quickly diagnose household plumbing problems and provide an estimate as to how much the problem will cost to repair.

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