4 Steps To Minimize Water Damage from Your Toilet

A study by the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS) found that toilet failures are the second leading cause of home water loss with an average cost of $5,584 in damages after the deductible. However, there are four steps that you can take to prevent leaky toilets and consequential water damage.

Coping With a Clogged Toilet
Standing next to the toilet until the valve has finished refilling the tank of the bowl is the best measure in preventing a potential problem. Once a clogged toilet has been identified, do not keep flushing it! Shut off the supply valve, and then use a plunger to free the blockage. If this does not work, please contact Norfolk Plumbing, Inc. for further assistance.

Preventing Basic Toilet Problems
The IBHS offers some basic maintenance tips. They suggest inspecting the components inside your toilet tank lid twice a year, especially the fill and flush valves in order to ensure that they are functioning properly. The supply line connection should be periodically checked to ensure that it is secure. You should open and close the supply valve at least twice a year, to make sure it is rust-free and operating properly. Furthermore, periodically pay attention to the flow of water in the toilet tank between uses. This is the best way to detect internal component failure.
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Slow Leaks, the Silent Killer
There are two common types of slow leaks. The first leak is from the tank to the bowl, which generally doesn’t cause much in the line of water damage, but is wasteful and can increase your water bill expenses. The second leak can be found in the toilet base or the water lines. These leaks are hazardous and can cause structural, floor and wall damage over time. To check for these leaks, add food coloring to the toilet tank. Let some time pass, and then see if the colored water has moved to the bowl. Also, for upper-floor toilets, check the ceiling below the toilet for discoloration or other signs indicating a leak.

Maintaining Toilet While Away
14% of all toilet failure occurs when the homeowner is away. The best way to ensure that a toilet does not fail when away on a trip is to shut off the water to the toilet.

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