3 Springtime Plumbing Solutions

Spring brings a certain rejuvenation. The air is warmer. Leaves on trees start to grow back. The crack in your pipe is no longer filled with frozen water and is now dripping. Uh oh. Though there is a lot of good to come out of the spring season, there can also be problems with your plumbing. At Norfolk Plumbing, we’re here to help you take care of that! We’ve listed three plumbing solutions to any problems you might start to experience as the calendar changes. 

Leaky pipes

Leaking pipe

As we mentioned earlier, a common problem homeowners may face is the realization that they have a leaky pipe. As winter turns into spring, the cracks you might not have noticed in your uninsulated pipes become apparent with the change in temperature. 

Depending on the material your pipe is made from, there are multiple quick-fix solutions you as a homeowner can do in the short term. Your local hardware store will have a selection of options such as epoxy resin and fiberglass wrap.

For a long-term fix, give us a call!

Slow drainage

The winter season is prime time for our home drainage system. During the holidays, a lot of objects make their way down our drains that do not usually go down. We’re talking turkey, ham and all of the sides you can imagine. With so much going down our drains, there’s bound to be some instances of slow drainage. 

Luckily, there are a few quick fixes to speed up your drain. One method you can use with simple household items is by using a plunger and a rag. First, insert the rag into the overflow hole of your sink to ensure no water gushes out during the process. Next, grab a plunger and start plunging the drain. You can check to see if this worked by running the water and noticing any changes in the drainage speed. 

Another method you can use is the snake method. Insert a wire into the source of the clog and move the wire around in an attempt to clear out the source of the clog. Let hot water run after successfully removing the source of the clog.

Leaky hose bib

Leaking hose bib

Now that the grass is starting to grow again, you might find yourself needing your hose a lot more. You reach for the hose, but you notice water dripping from your hose bib. Not to worry, as the solution is pretty simple and can be accomplished in minutes.

The issue lies with the washer within the hose bib. A washer is an instrument that helps stop the flow of water. After so much usage, a washer can begin to show wear and tear through cuts and scratches. 

First, loosen the bonnet of the hose bib with a wrench. Flip the bonnet over to reveal the washer, which should be held in place by a screw. Unscrew. The washer should come off. Replace with a new washer. 

If you’re having trouble finding plumbing solutions this spring, call the plumber in the bright yellow truck! (757) 466-0644!

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