3 Problems with Condensate Drains

It is summertime and more likely than not, your AC system is running nonstop to keep you and your home cool. Wait, I thought this was Norfolk Plumbings blog post? Why I am reading about AC units? All AC units have condensate lines and when air conditioners are operating correctly, the temperature difference causes moisture to accumulate on the coil. That moisture then drains away from the unit and the condensate line is what takes the water to the outside of your home. Why is that important to know? Condensate lines clog and Norfolk Plumbing can unclog and drain the condensate lines before it can cause a big mess.
Normally, condensate lines should be cleared at least once per year. In a perfect world, the water would be clean and flow freely through the condensate line. Unfortunately, this rarely happens. The water can contain contaminants including: algae, dust, and other debris that clogs the line. If you suspect that your line is clogged or it has never been checked, we recommend getting it looked at because a drain line clog can cause big problems like:

  • Causing hundreds to thousands of dollars in water damage due to backups and breaks.
  • Allowing harmful contaminants like mold, mildew, virus and bacteria to grow in the drain line.
  • Starting a house fire due to backed up water leaking onto electrical components of your heating and cooling system.

Norfolk Plumbing unclogs condensate lines and if you have any problems with your condensate lines, call Norfolk Plumbing to schedule an appointment.

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