Plumbing Myths – Is There Any Truth in Them?

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We have all heard the myths about how to improve your household plumbing, but are they true? The saying, don’t believe everything you hear is something you should tread lightly on.  Here are a few myths to avoid.  Doing these can damage your pipes and system. Lemons clean your garbage disposal: Well it can make your drain smell better, but … Read More

End of Summer Plumbing Tips

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We aren’t ready for summer to end, but it is inevitable and the colder months are just lingering around the corner.  The leaves will start to fall and the winter coats will be worn.  Now is the time to do some small maintenance on your plumbing to prevent a possible large repair later.  Take the time to do the below … Read More

Installing a Tankless Water Heater

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Never worry about your hot water running out when using multiple sources such as the laundry machine, shower, dishes, or water hose by installing a tankless water heater.  Tankless water heaters save space, hot water use, is energy efficient, and is easy to install.  Let’s look at what you need to do to install your tankless water heater. When installing … Read More

Adding A New Bathroom

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So You are Thinking of Adding a New Bathroom to Your Home One thing to consider is how much plumbing will be involved and how much will the new plumbing cost?  You always want to make sure that the addition will be a good investment.  Whether the new bathroom you are considering is a second bathroom for guests, children, or … Read More

Take The Showering Outdoors!

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Why bring the outside dirt and grime inside to your nice clean bathroom, when you can keep it all outside where it belongs?  Or maybe you would just rather shower with nature listening to the birds chirp or give the dog a bath without all the hair in the tub.  Well then, you should consider an outdoor shower for whatever pleasures … Read More

Drip Drip Drip Goes the Water Spigot

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It is that time of year when we start using our garden hoses to water those beautiful gardens in our yards.  However, overtime your outside water spigots begin to leak or corrode.  In the long run, replacing or repairing your spigot will save you money in water loss. To replace the spigot you will first need to locate the main … Read More

Toliets From Around the World

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Toilets, something we take for granted everyday, but did you know that he average person spends 3 years of their life on the toilet? While toilets have been around since ancient times in China, Greece, Persia, Rome and India, they have come a long way from those ancient days of yore. The first modern flushing toilet was actually attributed to … Read More

Who needs a vacation?

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Whoo Hoo! SUMMER VACATION! But Wait! Before you go… Here are a few tips to assure you return to your home in the same condition you left it in! Who doesn’t need a vacation? Everyone is excited to get away, but before you go, there are a few things that can give you the peace of mind to relax without the anxiety … Read More

Water Heater Maintenance: How Can You Prolong the Life and Efficiency of Your Water Heater?

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Water heater maintenance: How can you prolong the life and efficiency of your water heater? Adding an insulating blanket around your water heater can help reduce heat loss by up to 45% also saving you about 9% on your energy costs, and is a relatively easy project to install.  Insulating blankets are relatively inexpensive and can be purchased at your home … Read More

Pump Alarm

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How great would it be to be notified when a pipe bursts or the water levels become too high? Pump Alarm can solve that very problem! Pump Alarm will notify on up to three mobile devices when a problem arises. So if you are away from your property for extended periods but need to know if there’s a problem, Pump Alarm is … Read More